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SAP Solution Composer

If you haven’t noticed by now I’ve always been a proponent of using the tools and resources SAP already provides. After all, why should you pay for developing things SAP has already invested in?

Because of SAP’s huge installed base lots of customers before you have tried these tools and SAP has adjusted, changed, corrected, or modified them to improve their use and functionality. On top of that, if you manage to discover a defect or bug, as an SAP customer you can check OSS Notes to see if there is a fix. If a fix doesn’t exist you can open your own note to report the bug and get it fixed. Support for SAP tools is included in your maintenance fees.

One of those early solution prototyping tools I am particularly fond of is the SAP Solution Composer [FN1]. It has a number of benefits and I have defined a number of ways to use it in other posts:

The SAP Solution Composer tool provides a number benefits to help you quickly map processes and solutions:

  • It will map SAP’s software solutions to your business from a business process perspective.
  • It is free to anyone considering an SAP implementation and you do not already have to be an SAP customer.
  • You can publish a “Solution Composer” type PowerPoint scope presentation to mid-level and higher management to ensure their concerns are addressed.
  • It helps with “expectation setting” to reduce surprises that might come up later.
  • Creating process lists for starting some of the critical change management discussions
  • It provides a common language platform for communicating about process options and process change.
  • It comes with several business objectives, metrics, and other information to help you determine which areas of your business to focus on.
  • The SAP Solution Composer tool contains standard and customizable KPIs, business objectives, and other areas of business focus for evaluation.

Together with IDES [FN2] SAP’s Solution Composer provides a great Enterprise Architecture jump start for those who may not have 10, 20, or more years of experience. At least with SAP solutions the complex Enterprise Architecture software options are readily available.


[FN1] Information on the Solution Composer tool, and its use can be found here:

[FN2] See the previous post on:
Global SAP Instance Consolidations


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