Business Solutions with SAP


This site was started because of being disgusted with some of the improper, unethical, and potentially even criminal activities that take place in the IT arena. 

Far too often organizations that decide to engage in technology projects are misled and frankly, ripped off.  Our goal on this site is to provide solid content to help educate technology customers so that you become more aware of how to use technology as a lever for success.  We believe that educated, sophisticated, and knowledgeable technology customers are the best kind of customers and none of our consultants are threatened by these challenges. 


Practical Enterprise Transformation Using SAP’s ERP, CRM, SRM, BI, and other applications. The Source for SAP ROI, Business Process Improvement, Business and IT Strategy Integration, SAP Implementations or Upgrades, and Market-Oriented IT Solutions.

Insight from the trenches on how to get the most out of your SAP implementation. No fluff, no sales pitches, just real nuts and bolts on how to do IT and SAP projects the right way to achieve real ROI.

This site is focused on how to get the best SAP application consultants, or other key technology consultants–, the consultants and vendors you want business solutions from.

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