Business Solutions with SAP


The R3Now Philosophy

At the heart of what we do is business. 

The approach we take of driving the SAP, ERP, or IT project with key business indicators makes us very different than other SAP or ERP vendors.  R3Now Strategic Solutions are based on a business approach first and then applying the business need to the SAP solution.  This is different than most consulting or implementation vendor approaches–, they focus on technical application solutions and not on business solutions by application experts with many years of both application and business experience. 

When we operate in a project management or program management function we start the project by focusing on how to align technology with strategic business direction.  With key stakeholder input we focus on re-structuring SAP pricing and other business processes to address customer retention, customer acquisition, cost control, and revenue generation by addressing competitive pressures and creating a narrower customer focus.

R3Now Strategic Solutions are primarily organized around customers and customer groups and addresses business capabilities as a component of that customer focus. 

If you would like more details, give us a call. We will be glad to talk to you about how we can help you leverage technology investment.

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